Updates and Other News On My End


As of recently my posts have slowed quite a bit.  I’ve been preoccupied, as I mentioned in a recent post, with Mass Effect, and its taken me about two weeks since completing the ME trilogy to come down from that high.

But I’m no gamer and there are other things that have caused a hitch in my stride and more than a little self-berating internal dialogue.  For one, there is the state of my website. I’ve had a long standing issue with the load time.  It is generally slow and I’ve noticed this for a while.  For more than three months I have been contemplating changing hosts, and this past weekend, just as I was on the verge of going forward with that idea, I decided to see if there was anything I could do to improve the load time.  I played around with the theme and plugins.  I think I’ve changed the theme about five times, only to change back to the original one because I couldn’t find one that I felt suited me.  I’m still working on that.  I’ve actually been able to improve load time by about nine seconds.  Not bad, but not great yet.  I’m hoping to get load time under four seconds.

My writing has stalled a bit, due in part to (let’s be honest) game play, but also in part to me feeling as if I don’t have any direction.  So my writing has been happening in fits and starts…. mostly fits.

I ordered eight hard copies of my novel An Unproductive Woman from CreateSpace.  I intended, and still do) intend to have a giveaway contest (signed copies of my book) to gain exposure and interest.  I was embarrassed and shocked to find that the formatting was ALL WRONG.  I’ve been spending the last few days reformatting the book for re-release.  So I’m out almost $60, I’m mortified at my negligence, and I’m doing something that I never thought I would have to do again.  Ugh!  The trials of being an indie author and a i-can-do-it-myself-er.  You sometimes get a mess.  A hot mess.

Work has been particularly challenging.  Don’t misunderstand me though, I love my work as a breast oncology nurse, but nursing is emotionally demanding work, and burn-out is a huge risk.  Fortunately, I am in total touch with where I am mentally and I know how to say “no” and I know when it is time to take a stay-cation.  I’m not quite there yet, but I’m in the exasperation phase.

But not everything is bad news!

I recently granted an interview to e-friend and fellow indie author Alesha Escobar.  She is the author of The Gray Tower trilogy.  She asked some smart tough questions and I had a hoot answering them.  Check it out.  One awesome thing about that interview is the fact that she reminded me about a story that I’d put on the back burner a while back.  It is a fantasy tale that I started outlining over a year ago.  I even drew a map to help with my conception of this fantasy world and world building in general.  Since I’ve been a little stalled with my current WIP, I’ve decided to start exploring this a little more in the interim to keep my creative juices flowing and steep myself in a project that I care about.

Amana Map

Talking about writing and my writing projects always  inspires and pumps me up with fresh momentum.  We authors and readers need each other to commiserate with in order to keep the verve.

Another piece of good news is that I’ve taken on a second story in the Yuva Anthology that I’ve been working on the last few months with another e-friend and fellow indie author Matthew Williams.  I’m really excited about the progress that we’ve managed to make with that anthology and although it is slow going I have faith that we’ll produce a lovely quality collection of fiction in the end.

So, what do you do to keep up the writing verve?  Or if you don’t write, what do you do to maintain steady interest in the things you love when they get a little old?