AUW GiveAway News


The An Unproductive Woman book giveaway began on Wednesday, April 3rd and concluded Wednesday, April 17th. A total of 482 people entered the giveaway and 235 people added An Unproductive Woman to their “to read” list on Goodreads. I’d call that a personal success although I can’t say how that compares to other books. I don’t see any significant change in terms of sales on Amazon or otherwise, but I still see this as a boon since An Unproductive Woman has drummed up some added interest.
Incidentally, I made AUW free on Amazon early during the giveaway, but that drummed up incredibly little interest or downloads.
My error? I ran it during the Easter weekend. That is a major oversight and fail on my part.
I am certain that I’ll run another giveaway sometime in the future. Perhaps early this fall. Next time, I think that I may run the giveaway for a shorter time. Giveaways tend to drum up more interest on the first couple of days and the last couple of days as they will fall on either the “recently listed” or “ending soon” lists. Running a giveaway for four or five days will ensure that a book remains in the most noticeable spots for the duration.
Congratulations to Cathy Bell of Virginia and Becca Warner of Michigan! I hope you ladies enjoy An Unproductive Woman!