Steampunk Hands Around the World

by Ray Dean

by Ray Dean

What do you like about steampunk?

What I like is the fact that many peo­ple like and even love steam­punk and they don’t even know it. That would have been me a few years ago. I’d watched steam­punk inspired movies and ani­ma­tion, totally dig­ging the spiff and shine, the gad­getry and magic, and the mash up of gen­res, tropes and imagery to cre­ate some­thing, well…unnameable. Except it does have a name. Steampunk.

Until three weeks ago I never thought for a sec­ond that I would do more than read a steam­punk book or watch a movie. This will soon change.

Steam­punk Hands Around the World is the brain child of the Air­ship Ambas­sador, Kevin Steil. I was invited to par­tic­i­pate by group mem­ber, Suna Dasi, who had put out a call to attract a mul­ti­cul­tural group of women to par­tic­i­pate in this quirky, fun event. I am so very glad that I accepted. The Mis­sion State­ment reads as such:

Steam­punk Hands Around the World is a month long event in Feb­ru­ary 2014 show­ing and shar­ing that steam­punk and the com­mu­nity is global and as such, all steam­punk every­where are con­nected. There are new friend­ships to be found in every con­ver­sa­tion and event. “Hands” is pre­sented in mul­ti­ple for­mats from blogs to videos to live events. Each per­son is respon­si­ble for orga­niz­ing their own con­tent and for­mat, but the cen­tral theme is that of global con­nec­tion and friendship.

While con­tri­bu­tions to this event will be unique and var­ied, by an equally unique and var­ied group of artists and steam­punk lovers, my part will be a short story ten­ta­tively titled The Golden Bird. In keep­ing with the theme of this event, it will of course, be a steam­punk tale and it will be mul­ti­cul­tural. I’ll be post­ing it right here on Feb­ru­ary 23rd. And, if all goes as planned, The Artist will pro­vide a unique piece of art to go along with my story. I am both excited and ner­vous because this puts me on a dead­line. *shudders*

So…I’m sign­ing out now so I can get back to work on this story.

by Ray Dean

by Ray Dean

  • house­ofwilliams

    This sounds quite inter­est­ing. I’ve long been fas­ci­nated by Steam­punk, and found that I have a gen­er­ally hard time writ­ing it. As such, I respect peo­ple who can and enjoy doing it.

    • khaal­i­dah

      Thanks Matt. I just hope I can pro­duce a story wor­thy of the event.