Steampunk Hands Around the World

by Ray Dean

by Ray Dean

What do you like about steampunk?

What I like is the fact that many people like and even love steampunk and they don’t even know it. That would have been me a few years ago. I’d watched steampunk inspired movies and animation, totally digging the spiff and shine, the gadgetry and magic, and the mash up of genres, tropes and imagery to create something, well…unnameable. Except it does have a name. Steampunk.

Until three weeks ago I never thought for a second that I would do more than read a steampunk book or watch a movie. This will soon change.

Steampunk Hands Around the World is the brain child of the Airship Ambassador, Kevin Steil. I was invited to participate by group member, Suna Dasi, who had put out a call to attract a multicultural group of women to participate in this quirky, fun event. I am so very glad that I accepted. The Mission Statement reads as such:

Steampunk Hands Around the World is a month long event in February 2014 showing and sharing that steampunk and the community is global and as such, all steampunk everywhere are connected. There are new friendships to be found in every conversation and event. “Hands” is presented in multiple formats from blogs to videos to live events. Each person is responsible for organizing their own content and format, but the central theme is that of global connection and friendship.

While contributions to this event will be unique and varied, by an equally unique and varied group of artists and steampunk lovers, my part will be a short story tentatively titled The Golden Bird. In keeping with the theme of this event, it will of course, be a steampunk tale and it will be multicultural. I’ll be posting it right here on February 23rd. And, if all goes as planned, The Artist will provide a unique piece of art to go along with my story. I am both excited and nervous because this puts me on a deadline. *shudders*

So…I’m signing out now so I can get back to work on this story.

by Ray Dean

by Ray Dean

  • houseofwilliams

    This sounds quite interesting. I’ve long been fascinated by Steampunk, and found that I have a generally hard time writing it. As such, I respect people who can and enjoy doing it.

    • khaalidah

      Thanks Matt. I just hope I can produce a story worthy of the event.