Off To A Nice Start


Last year this time I was not feeling very accomplished with regard to my writing. I was writing, don’t get me wrong, but I couldn’t have been any less focused. The book I had planned to complete by my birthday (September) seemed more daunting by the day and there was a point when I considered giving up this “writing thing”.

I didn’t, of course, and I am glad for it.

This year is off to a fantastic start. I sold a story to Escape Pod and it will be featured during the Artemis Rising event during the month of February. I fully expect you all to check out that series of podcasts because they’re going to be special. They’re all written by women. If you know anything about me, then you now that I am totally dedicated to seeing more women, more POC, more Others writing and publishing science fiction and fantasy. We need varied voices, yeah?

I’ve also qualified to become a member of Codex, which has seriously humbled me. Many of the wonderful writers that I have been reading and listening to for the last 3-4 years are there. They have been insanely inviting and wonderful.

Today, I took a moment to update my writing career bingo card. Looking good. Many of the white squares are now purple. (Thanks Rach by way of Christie Yant) for hooking me up with that wonderful motivational tool.

Here’s to more accomplishments this year for me and YOU.