The Fifth Season


The fifth season

Back in August I read N.K.Jemisin’s newest nov­el, The Fifth Sea­son.


Shall I count the reason’s why? Don’t count on it. I can’t. This nov­el is dense and chewy with com­plex lay­ers and I’m still too busy fan-girling to be coher­ent. I went back to look at my Goodreads review of the book and real­ized that I said lit­tle about it. I still find it dif­fi­cult to put into writ­ing exact­ly how I feel about this book as both a read­er and a writer. For­tu­nate­ly I don’t have to.

A few weeks ago Jon­ah Sut­ton-Morse, host of the Cab­bages and Kings Pod­cast, Troy Wig­gins, and I sat down for quite a lengthy and deli­cious dis­cus­sion of the book.

Some spoil­ers and gush­ing ahead. Take a lis­ten if you dare.