Guess What I’m Doing Now?


There is no need to write a long post for this, so I will just get to the point.

I am now offi­cial­ly Assis­tant Edi­tor over at

I’ve been lis­ten­ing to Pod­Cas­tle for a few years now and nev­er ever thought that I’d be doing this. I’m excit­ed.

I’ve been guest edi­tor along with reg­u­lar edi­tors Graeme Dun­lop and Rachael K. Jones for the Artemis Ris­ing 2 event, which will take place in 02/2016. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it and have been on the receiv­ing end of some of the most patient guid­ance. And then I was offered some­thing more per­ma­nent. No way could I say no.


  • I’m a bit late, but con­grat­u­la­tions on the per­ma­nent gig! Wish­ing you the best for 2016. 🙂

    • khaal­i­dah

      Thanks Tonya. Good­ness all around!