Have You Watched Ergo Proxy?


Ergo ProxyI researched Ergo Proxy before watching it and the storyline seemed quite interesting.  It seemed to contain all of the elements that I like in my stories: Utopian/Dystopian society, robots, mystery, moral/social enlightenment, darkness, a strong female character.  However, (can I start a sentence with “however”?) I couldn’t initially catch the thread of the story. I kept saying to myself “I don’t understand what this is about, but I love it.” I couldn’t help it. After about ten episodes I began to catch on, and this made me love EP even more. I read a comment on one blog that said “Ergo is epic! If you didn’t like it, it means you didn’t understand it!”  At the risk of sounding supercilious, I sort of agree.

I won’t give away any of the plot here, but I will urge you to give it a try. EP has an IMDb rating of 8.2.  I’d give it something like 9.  For anime, EP has a surprising lack of sexual innuendo or hyper-sexualization of under-aged girls, which gives it a plus in my book.  I also happen to love the art, which is double plus for me.  I have a hard time watching ugly anime, even when the story is decent.  Code Geass comes to mind.

There are a couple of issues that I have with the story though:

1. I can’t stand whiny people or characters, and Vincent Law is a sappy whiny man who won’t stand up to the main character, Re-L Mayer.  While I like my anime with strong competent women, Re-L is just plain mean!  But, in all honesty, this works for the tale.  She eventually softens (kind of), and we learn that Vincent has an alternate, shall we say “side”?

2. EP takes place in a futuristic domed city called Romdeau.  There is a surprising (I guess I really shouldn’t be surprised) lack of people of color.  Where are we?  Let me repeat, “Where are we?”  I don’t think any future society will ever exist that doesn’t have people of color, so I expect to see them in such tales.  Now, if we were talking about an anime with a story set in a Japanese high school, well then, no black or Hispanic people would make sense.  This doesn’t.

3. I have about three or four episodes of EP left to watch and I am excited to see the conclusion, but I am noticing a trend here that is common in anime.  The story line, which is already a tad on the strange side (I like my stories that way, I do.), is starting to take an odd turn.  Like, really odd.  Multiple personalities, maybe this has all been a dream/your imagination, odd.  I’m not sure how this will affect the way I feel about EP in the end.

Either way, I’ve been enjoying EP immensely, even when I didn’t know what in the world was going on.  Check it out and tell me what you think.