The Shape of Things to Come, Outlining!!!


I’ve been doing some­thing that I nev­er thought I would: OUTLINING.

I’ve tried out­lin­ing in the past with oth­er sto­ries, but my enthu­si­asm too often gets the bet­ter of me and I can’t stop myself from start­ing the tale before the con­cept is ripe.  The result, I admit, is often a tale that fal­ters and falls flat.

Since decid­ing to stop the H&T blog, I’ve regrouped and start­ed out­lin­ing.  I spent a few days try­ing to decide how I was going to do this.  By hand?  Using Liq­uid Sto­ry Binder?  yWriter5?  Scriven­er?  (In case you’re won­der­ing, yes, I do have all of those pro­grams.  I couldn’t help myself.)

I set­tled on using Scriven­er as it is clean and easy to use, flu­id, and yet struc­tured enough to keep me from wan­der­ing.  I absolute­ly adore LSB, but its com­plete flu­id­i­ty is so awe­some that I was afraid I’d get lost in all the ameni­ties and nev­er get any work com­plete.

Scriven­er has been a joy.  Maybe I’m just on a roll but I feel as if the process of out­lin­ing using this total­ly inter­ac­tive soft­ware has been free­ing.  I feel as if I’m actu­al­ly doing some­thing spe­cial.  Hon­or and Truth is start­ing to take new shape.  I like that shape.