The Shape of Things to Come, Outlining!!!


I’ve been doing something that I never thought I would: OUTLINING.

I’ve tried outlining in the past with other stories, but my enthusiasm too often gets the better of me and I can’t stop myself from starting the tale before the concept is ripe.  The result, I admit, is often a tale that falters and falls flat.

Since deciding to stop the H&T blog, I’ve regrouped and started outlining.  I spent a few days trying to decide how I was going to do this.  By hand?  Using Liquid Story Binder?  yWriter5?  Scrivener?  (In case you’re wondering, yes, I do have all of those programs.  I couldn’t help myself.)

I settled on using Scrivener as it is clean and easy to use, fluid, and yet structured enough to keep me from wandering.  I absolutely adore LSB, but its complete fluidity is so awesome that I was afraid I’d get lost in all the amenities and never get any work complete.

Scrivener has been a joy.  Maybe I’m just on a roll but I feel as if the process of outlining using this totally interactive software has been freeing.  I feel as if I’m actually doing something special.  Honor and Truth is starting to take new shape.  I like that shape.