Five (A Story in 6 Sentences)

mugley / Foter

I expanded my inner self, pushed through the slick buttery film of Tangia’s mind, through the chinks and gaps. After so many years, I was still perfectly stealthy, a phantom submarine in her mind. She didn’t feel me moving around inside of her, though I didn’t stay very long. Didn’t have to. From that vantage, the five tiny tumors appeared as large as boulders, their hungry searching suckered tentacles splayed like fingers. I could hear them pulsing as they drank her blood.

  • Storiesbywilliams

    Whoa… I find myself sensing multiple layers of meaning. Of empathy finding expression in a Fantastic Voyage-type metaphor. Am Imclose? Also, is this based on a true story?

    • khaalidah

      Oh. Nothing so deep as you suggest. I wish. I wrote this about cancer that has metastasized to the brain. About the patient who knows//sensors something is wrong then learns the truth. This is also about death. Once the cancer spreads, especially to the brain, the end result is grim.
      Thanks for reading.

  • This is beautiful, grim and disturbing all at once. Nicely done!

    • khaalidah

      Thanks Ann.