An Unproductive Woman is the title of my first novel.  I wrote it several years ago and the process of doing so was quite cathartic.  I learned a lot about myself through my main character Asabe.  Asabe is wise, patient, and has a will unlike anyone I’ve ever known.  Despite challenges she always remains steadfast and unflappable.

People who know me and who have read the book often try to liken me to Asabe, suggesting that if we could be superimposed, we’d be the same person.  I consider that high praise, despite the inaccuracy.   While writing An Unproductive Woman, I was consciously creating a character that I would be proud to emulate.

I published An Unproductive Woman in 2008, about 11 years after actually writing it.  I’m certain you can imagine that much has changed since then, both with me as a person as well as with  my writing interests and style.  That doesn’t mean that I love this book or the characters any less though.

It has been suggested to me in the past that because AUW is set in Africa and the characters are Muslim, that these are the only populations among which AUW could possibly have vigorous sales.   I never believed that.  Human beings are, well, human beings, and the vast majority of human experiences are not unique.  AUW tells the story of a family, of life challenges, hard choices, of faith and loss of faith, of love, of joy, and of life.

I’ve recently taken steps to revamp AUW’s reputation and image, increase exposure and hopefully sales.  I’m proud of the reviews AUW has received so far and hope there will be more in the future.  I wanted to share the new cover.  Starla Huchton did an awesome job of it.  Check out the stellar write up she did of it on her blog.

I hope some of you will check it out online, download a sample, hit the like button at Amazon, buy a copy, or tell your friends about it.  It really is a worthwhile story.

  • storiesbywilliams

    “It has been sug­gested to me in the past that because AUW is set in Africa and the char­ac­ters are Mus­lim, that these are the only pop­u­la­tions among which AUW could pos­si­bly have vig­or­ous sales.”
    I have to ask, who said this? That’s the stupidest thing I’ve heard in days! If anything, it’s location and cultural distinctiveness would make it MORE popular. At least that’s my opinion. I for one want to read it and I’ve got no ties to the subject matter. Where can we find it?

    • khaalidah

      Hi there Matthew.
      Hope all is well on your end.
      Thanks for asking.  AUW can be found at amazon.