Yuva — A Space and Colonization Anthology


I have been hard at work on the lead­ing sto­ry for a space trav­el and col­o­niza­tion anthol­o­gy.  I’m hav­ing so much fun work­ing on this that I don’t even feel the least bit guilty about the fact that my oth­er writ­ing projects have tak­en a tem­po­rary back seat.  Our edi­tor Matthew Williams, (you might remem­ber him from this guest post in May) has been post­ing about our group on his web­site and along with the oth­er mem­bers of our group, he’s been iron­ing out the con­gru­ent details that link our respec­tive sto­ries.

M31 - Galassia di Andromeda

Luca Argalia via Comp­fight

Our anthol­o­gy is bro­ken into three parts as described here:

  1. Leav­ing Earth — address­ing the push-pull fac­tors that would lead to col­o­niza­tion and fam­i­lies leav­ing. These could be things like envi­ron­men­tal stress, over­pop­u­la­tion, war. It could start with a lot­tery sys­tem just to col­o­nize new worlds, but open up and get more des­per­ate as time goes on.
  2. Col­o­niza­tion — the first waves of colonists have land­ed and are reach­ing out fur­ther. Mars, Ganymede, Europa, Oberon, Titan, etc, then the near­est stars. Ter­raform­ing, new worlds, con­flicts, and maybe even extra-ter­res­tri­al species come up here.
  3. Switchover — the colonies have grown and matured, new waves of peo­ple are com­ing in. Con­flicts between old and new gen­er­a­tions begin, as do con­flicts between the colonies and Earth. Inde­pen­dence, the desire to become more than recep­ta­cles for peo­ple and sources of resources, etc. And if aliens are involved, the ongo­ing strug­gle between “us and them”.

Each part will include four sto­ries, each told from dif­fer­ing POVs, dif­fer­ing char­ac­ters, dif­fer­ing moti­va­tions and the such.  Each sto­ry will (hope­ful­ly) be writ­ten by a dif­fer­ent per­son.  I say hope­ful­ly because thus far we only have six writ­ers on board.  We need oth­er  apt and inter­est­ed writ­ers to come for­ward and join in the fun.

If you’re inter­est­ed in writ­ing with this group, would like to beta, or would just like to fol­low our progress you can check out our forum on Goodreads.

If you’d like to see some of the sam­ples of our WIPs or oth­er updates pick a link below.  Either way, if you fol­low Matthew’s web­site, you’ll be kept abreast on all devel­op­ments.

Check out the fab­u­lous writ­ers already involved: Dore­my, William, Goran, Melanie (who you might recall from this guest post), Ahmad, and of course, myself.


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