Yuva – A Space and Colonization Anthology


I have been hard at work on the leading story for a space travel and colonization anthology.  I’m having so much fun working on this that I don’t even feel the least bit guilty about the fact that my other writing projects have taken a temporary back seat.  Our editor Matthew Williams, (you might remember him from this guest post in May) has been posting about our group on his website and along with the other members of our group, he’s been ironing out the congruent details that link our respective stories.

M31 - Galassia di Andromeda

Luca Argalia via Compfight

Our anthology is broken into three parts as described here:

  1. Leaving Earth – addressing the push-pull factors that would lead to colonization and families leaving. These could be things like environmental stress, overpopulation, war. It could start with a lottery system just to colonize new worlds, but open up and get more desperate as time goes on.
  2. Colonization – the first waves of colonists have landed and are reaching out further. Mars, Ganymede, Europa, Oberon, Titan, etc, then the nearest stars. Terraforming, new worlds, conflicts, and maybe even extra-terrestrial species come up here.
  3. Switchover – the colonies have grown and matured, new waves of people are coming in. Conflicts between old and new generations begin, as do conflicts between the colonies and Earth. Independence, the desire to become more than receptacles for people and sources of resources, etc. And if aliens are involved, the ongoing struggle between “us and them”.

Each part will include four stories, each told from differing POVs, differing characters, differing motivations and the such.  Each story will (hopefully) be written by a different person.  I say hopefully because thus far we only have six writers on board.  We need other  apt and interested writers to come forward and join in the fun.

If you’re interested in writing with this group, would like to beta, or would just like to follow our progress you can check out our forum on Goodreads.

If you’d like to see some of the samples of our WIPs or other updates pick a link below.  Either way, if you follow Matthew’s website, you’ll be kept abreast on all developments.

Check out the fabulous writers already involved: Doremy, William, Goran, Melanie (who you might recall from this guest post), Ahmad, and of course, myself.


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