I Hate Wimpy Female Characters


There is a certain type of female character that makes my blood boil.  She’s ultra feminine, she cries and simpers, she trips over air when she runs, she’s long suffering and tolerates absolute nonsense, she’s wimpy, her greatest asset and weapon is her beauty/body, and she doesn’t fight back (very hard).  I know you know what I’m talking about.  And yes, they still exist.  Anime is ripe with this type of character.  While I understand that anime as a medium is different than say movies and books, wimpy women exist there too.

Let me be clear here.  I’m not suggesting that in order for a female character to be strong she needs to be masculine-ish, brusque, angry, karate chopping, and looking for some poor sap to cross her so she can beat him stupid.  But, what I am suggesting is that there is a middle ground.

Kariya Strangles Aoi

I recently finished watching the entirety of Fate/Zero.  There was a scene where Kariya strangled Aoi.  I was horrified that she just sort of squirmed a little bit as he choked the life out of her.  I sat there screaming at the computer screen, “C’mon girl!  Gouge his eyes out! Kick him in the groin!  Choke him right back!”  I  know that as a woman, and a cute dainty little thing (*rolls eyes, erks), she’d never be as physically strong as her attacker, who is not just a man, but a crazy cracked-up man, but, “Hey girl!  Don’t go down without a fight!”

Guess what?  She did.

Do you think Zoe from Firefly would?

Zoe Washburne from Firefly

I know that Zoe here looks pretty formidable…and that’s because she is.  In my opinion, the character of Zoe Washburne in Firefly is quite a unique character.

Yes, she will shoot you between the eyes if she thinks it’s necessary 😉 but she isn’t looking for a fight to prove she would.  As a character, she appeals to me because she doesn’t talk too much.  When she does speak, she usually has something important to say.  She DOES NOT whine.  She doesn’t prance around.  Guess what?  She’s also happily married and wants to have children.  (See? Still a girl.)

Just try choking her.  You wouldn’t, would you?

She’s an awesome woman because she’s still feminine, but not dripping in perfume and ribbons (you know what I mean).  She’s nice, kind of.  She cries, I think :).  She’s smart.  And most importantly she would not go down without a fight.

Perhaps I’m biased  but I think this is a more balanced representation of a female character… okay yes, I am biased and perhaps Zoe here isn’t that balanced, but I still like her better than the ninny who trips over air.


  • The other one that drives me nuts is what I call the “Dry Ice Heroine” … frosty and capable until the male lead arrives and then she becomes a puddle of needs-to-be-rescued.  I don’t enjoy reading those characters, and I very much try to avoid writing them.

  • Damn right.  Excellent post 🙂