Five More Awesome Words (16–20)


When I start­ed shar­ing some of my favorite words back in June, I soon real­ized that I could nev­er sum them all up in five, so I even­tu­al­ly decid­ed to share a total of twen­ty.  Alas, these five are the last of that bunch.  After this, I’ll share a total of twen­ty of my least liked words.  Ah.

Check these out and share some of your favorites in the com­ments below.

This word prob­a­bly has at least a half dozen mean­ings and I like them all.  To me, there are few words as pos­i­tive as this one.  No pic­tures come to mind when I think of this word, but I feel buoyed by it.  I feel hope­ful.  I feel faith­ful…

16. faith — alle­giance to duty or a per­son; some­thing that is believed espe­cial­ly with strong con­vic­tion; firm belief in some­thing for which there is no proof.

Now this word…hmm…gives me mixed emo­tions and I sup­pose that is because it speaks to dif­fer­ent parts of me.  As a nurse, I get this slight urge to coun­sel on the prin­ci­ple ways to main­tain good health.  On the oth­er hand hear­ing this words con­jures images and emo­tions not alto­geth­er neg­a­tive.  I get a sense of beau­ty, health (I know, con­tra­dic­tions abound here) that comes from lots of rest and good food and hap­pi­ness and com­fort.  I also have visions of regal­i­ty.

Georgia Peaches

Kevin Trot­man via Comp­fight

17.  cor­pu­lent — fleshy; obese; port­ly; plump; replete.

When I first came across this word I auto­mat­i­cal­ly knew what it was in ref­er­ence to.  I know, it’s gross, but I’m a nurse and when I put on my clin­i­cal hat, I’m not all that offend­ed.  That said, the images that come to mind when I hear this word are vivid.  I see a dark hole or well half full with thick, dark, fetid, stink­ing, goop.  Can you guess this word?

18.  fecu­lent — foul with impu­ri­ties; of or con­tain­ing dirt, sed­i­ment, or waste mat­ter.

I’m cur­rent­ly writ­ing a sto­ry by this name.  I like this word because it sug­gests some­thing unique and unpar­al­leled.  It sug­gests being the first.  This word makes me feel capa­ble.  While my hope to be one of these may be con­sid­ered immodest…I still want it.  Here goes.

19. prog­en­i­tor — A per­son who orig­i­nates an artis­tic, polit­i­cal, or intel­lec­tu­al move­ment; an ances­tor of an indi­vid­ual in a direct line of descent along which some or all of the ances­tral genes could the­o­ret­i­cal­ly have passed;


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To me, this word sug­gests a cer­tain mil­i­tan­cy, which I’m all about.  I hate the sta­tus quo.  I despise fol­low­ing rules and tra­di­tions that seem to have no prac­ti­cal point or pur­pose.  I refuse to be a drone and this word seeks to make us all drones.  This word makes us not think for our­selves.

Brief dia­tribe com­plete (ha!), I also like the way this word looks.  In oppo­si­tion to the way this word makes me feel, it has a math­e­mat­i­cal­ly bal­anced qual­i­ty that I like.

20.  pro­pa­gan­da — Infor­ma­tion, esp. of a biased or mis­lead­ing nature, used to pro­mote or pub­li­cize a par­tic­u­lar polit­i­cal cause or point of view.