As Salaa­mu Alaikum
I will refrain from refer­ring to myself in third per­son as I find it a bit neu­rot­ic, lame, and even arro­gant.  I will also keep this brief because I wish to keep the focus on my work and not myself.
I was raised in New Haven, Con­necti­cut.  I attend­ed the Uni­ver­si­ty of Con­necti­cut for a cou­ple of years but left to mar­ry my hus­band of more than twen­ty years.  I have three beau­ti­ful chil­dren, who like most chil­dren these days, far out­strip their par­ents in intel­li­gence and cre­ativ­i­ty.
My days, my con­crete life, are spent car­ing for breast oncol­o­gy patients as a reg­is­tered nurse.  I love work­ing as an oncol­o­gy nurse.  It keeps me ground­ed and forces me to remem­ber the tran­sient beau­ty of life, and the impor­tance of doing what one loves while one can.  It also keeps God fore­most in my mind as I jour­ney through this brief life, that my choic­es might be accord­ing to His will.
My less ordered life (Don’t we all live mul­ti­ple sep­a­rate lives?) is spent most­ly in my head.  I am always attempt­ing to order the mul­ti­tude of ideas that rise unbid­den in my mind when I least expect them.  To some peo­ple this makes me look deeply spir­i­tu­al and wise, to oth­ers I look angry.  I assure, I am nei­ther.  Some­times the voic­es of half-formed char­ac­ters speak to me, beg­ging to be record­ed for pos­ter­i­ty, that we might learn from them, or them from us.  Some­times the voice I hear is my own, remind­ing me of my oblig­a­tion to this life.  Unfor­tu­nate­ly, I rarely have time for any of the voic­es cre­at­ing the chaot­ic din in my head.
So, here I am.  Here we are.  For the present.

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    I need to check out your fav books.

    Love to you A. J.

    L. M.