As Salaamu Alaikum
I will refrain from referring to myself in third person as I find it a bit neurotic, lame, and even arrogant.  I will also keep this brief because I wish to keep the focus on my work and not myself.
I was raised in New Haven, Connecticut.  I attended the University of Connecticut for a couple of years but left to marry my husband of more than twenty years.  I have three beautiful children, who like most children these days, far outstrip their parents in intelligence and creativity.
My days, my concrete life, are spent caring for breast oncology patients as a registered nurse.  I love working as an oncology nurse.  It keeps me grounded and forces me to remember the transient beauty of life, and the importance of doing what one loves while one can.  It also keeps God foremost in my mind as I journey through this brief life, that my choices might be according to His will.
My less ordered life (Don’t we all live multiple separate lives?) is spent mostly in my head.  I am always attempting to order the multitude of ideas that rise unbidden in my mind when I least expect them.  To some people this makes me look deeply spiritual and wise, to others I look angry.  I assure, I am neither.  Sometimes the voices of half-formed characters speak to me, begging to be recorded for posterity, that we might learn from them, or them from us.  Sometimes the voice I hear is my own, reminding me of my obligation to this life.  Unfortunately, I rarely have time for any of the voices creating the chaotic din in my head.
So, here I am.  Here we are.  For the present.

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    I need to check out your fav books.

    Love to you A. J.

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