An Unproductive Woman



After ten years of mar­riage, Asabe and Adam remain child­less. Fueled by des­per­a­tion and a long-held secret, Adam mar­ries a sec­ond wife. Read An Unpro­duc­tive Woman to learn how Asabe finds the strength to live with fail­ings she has no con­trol over. Learn what secrets Adam has with­held that would explain his unrea­son­able long­ing and pur­suit of a son at all costs.

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…the author, Khaal­i­dah Muham­mad-Ali, has me root­ing for Adam and his fam­i­ly by the end of the book. The writ­ing style is sharp and clear and often very fun­ny. This is a tale of for­give­ness and while there is cer­tain­ly grief, it is nev­er maudlin. More than once I found myself laugh­ing out­loud. The last few chap­ters, espe­cial­ly Adam’s redemp­tion, are filled with grace. And even a few days after I have fin­ished the nov­el, I am still think­ing about the peo­ple with­in it.” ~ J.S. Walsh (Ama­zon U.S.)

 “Even though I didn’t know what to expect, I sur­prised myself — after read­ing part of the sam­ple, I end­ed up read­ing the entire thing in one evening. It was emo­tion­al­ly sat­is­fy­ing, and I found that I came to care about some of the char­ac­ters and what hap­pened to them.” ~ Pat­ti (Smash­words)