I’ve Been Cloned


I follow the stats of my website.  It helps me track the growth of my presence online, helps me learn which posts are most popular and where my readers go after they are finished with me.  Based on the information that I’ve gathered as of late, my most popular post isn’t one that I wrote myself, but rather one that Aliette de Bodard was gracious enough to guest-pen called Aliette de Bodard On Worldbuilding, Patchwork and Filing off Serial Numbers.  Thank you Aliette.

Sometimes I follow the referrer links to see where my readers were before clicking to my site.  Recently when I did this I found myself looking at me…my face.  My name.  My tagline and commissioned logo.  My curriculum vitae.  And many of my posts.  I found myself looking at a recreation of my blog on another website.


Sam UL via Compfight

 I don’t know what to call this.  Whole sale theft?  Complete content curating?  Borrowing?  The highest form of flattery?  Stalking?  Whatever it is, I don’t like it.  You can see it here.

I didn’t authorize this.  I’ve never received a message, an email, or a call from anyone asking if they could duplicate my content.  I just don’t know why anyone would presume to do this.

Unfortunately I don’t have any tech savvy friends who can help me sort this out so I am pretty stuck as to what I can do.  Has this ever happened to you?  I sent an email to Publici.com asking that they remove my content and I am still awaiting a response.

The only good thing about this is that my content is being attributed to me and there are links that lead back to my site.  But why click over to my site if all of my content is already on Publici.com?  The worst thing is that there is at least one comment over there that I probably never would have allowed to remain had it been on my site.  The commenter said some pretty vulgar things and sounds like a troll.  While I welcome discussions with people who may have a differing opinion, I would never allow a comment that had profanity.  That is just not what I am about.  Also, I don’t know Publici.com or what they stand for and I oppose appearing to align myself with a site that may potentially function in opposition to my own beliefs and values.  This is important to me.

I guess I’ll just wait to see if they ever respond to my email.  I’ll give it a week and then I guess I’ll have to decide what to do next.

What would you do?