In A Year


Last year about this time my writ­ing start­ed to drag.

It was a lot of things. The weath­er. Loss of con­fi­dence. Lack of direc­tion. Per­fec­tion­ism that man­aged to freeze me to the spot. The result was half a dozen incom­plete projects and ideas for projects that I nev­er start­ed.

In about March or April I decid­ed to take a class, which I’ve men­tioned in a pre­vi­ous post. I also decid­ed to ded­i­cate the next year (at least) to per­fect­ing short sto­ry writ­ing. About sev­en months have passed and I am nowhere near per­fect. Heck, I am nowhere near hav­ing a clue about what I am doing, in my esti­ma­tion, but I am work­ing hard on my writ­ing and I have had some suc­cess­es.

I have had a few rewrite requests. They’re not exact­ly sales but they are hope­ful and proof that I am on the right track.

I have start­ed read­ing slush for Escape Pod. I am par­tic­u­lar­ly gid­dy about this as I’ve been lis­ten­ing to EP for 2–3 years now and nev­er in a mil­lion years did I think I would be on the inside.

I’ve man­aged to com­plete 5 short sto­ries.

I’ve made my first pro sale to An Alpha­bet of Embers anthol­o­gy which should be released in May 2015.

I’ve met sev­er­al won­der­ful writ­ers that I now con­sid­er friends. They offer sup­port, grease for my ego, and guid­ance when I need it.

I am in a new class now, with Daniel Jose Old­er. This is has been a blast so far. And I am learn­ing lots. I am sop­ping up his writ­ing genius with my bis­cuit brain. 🙂

And I’ve got plans for next year. I want to dou­ble my count of com­plet­ed short sto­ries. That means at least 10 com­plete sto­ries by the end of the year. And I want to sell at least two more sto­ries in the com­ing year. Come on friends, cheer me on.

As for writ­ing, this has been a very good year.