5 More of My Favorite Words (6-10)


Back in early June I shared five of my favorite words.  But I love way more than five, so I decided that I’m going to go on sharing up to twenty, which still isn’t enough.  It’s time to share some more, so here are 6-10.  Feel free to throw some of your favorite words into the comment box below.

Harry Potter

Alex Eylar via Compfight

I have Harry Potter to thank for this word.  I use it frequently and almost never it in its proper context.  I like the way this word sounds with its similar, repetitive, playful sounds.

6.  flibbertigibbet – irresponsible, silly, gossipy person.

This word makes my mouth water.  It makes me think of rich beef sauteed with garlic, onions and peppers in a light molasses glaze.  Mmmm.

7.  savory – Piquant, pungent, or salty to the taste; not sweet.

I often read this word in the Qur’an.  It gives me a sense of hope and fear.  I’ve heard it pronounced with a long and a short “i”.  I prefer the way it sounds with a short “i”.

8.  respite – A usually short interval of rest or relief.

I’ve had plenty of these.  I use this word when a hard day at work seems like it just can’t get any more ridiculously difficult, but does anyway.  I think the young people characterize it this way, “Epic Fail!!!”

9.  debacle – A sudden and ignominious failure; a fiasco.

This word makes me feel warm and full.  I imagine rich food like salmon baked in jerk sauce, good dark chocolate, warm velour, wool socks, whipped yogurt, fur and feathers.

10.  lush – luxuriant, rank, succulent, rich, exuberant, juicy