Five More Awesome Words (16-20)


When I started sharing some of my favorite words back in June, I soon realized that I could never sum them all up in five, so I eventually decided to share a total of twenty.  Alas, these five are the last of that bunch.  After this, I’ll share a total of twenty of my least liked words.  Ah.

Check these out and share some of your favorites in the comments below.

This word probably has at least a half dozen meanings and I like them all.  To me, there are few words as positive as this one.  No pictures come to mind when I think of this word, but I feel buoyed by it.  I feel hopeful.  I feel faithful…

16. faith – allegiance to duty or a person; something that is believed especially with strong conviction; firm belief in something for which there is no proof.

Now this word…hmm…gives me mixed emotions and I suppose that is because it speaks to different parts of me.  As a nurse, I get this slight urge to counsel on the principle ways to maintain good health.  On the other hand hearing this words conjures images and emotions not altogether negative.  I get a sense of beauty, health (I know, contradictions abound here) that comes from lots of rest and good food and happiness and comfort.  I also have visions of regality.

Georgia Peaches

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17.  corpulent – fleshy; obese; portly; plump; replete.

When I first came across this word I automatically knew what it was in reference to.  I know, it’s gross, but I’m a nurse and when I put on my clinical hat, I’m not all that offended.  That said, the images that come to mind when I hear this word are vivid.  I see a dark hole or well half full with thick, dark, fetid, stinking, goop.  Can you guess this word?

18.  feculent – foul with impurities; of or containing dirt, sediment, or waste matter.

I’m currently writing a story by this name.  I like this word because it suggests something unique and unparalleled.  It suggests being the first.  This word makes me feel capable.  While my hope to be one of these may be considered immodest…I still want it.  Here goes.

19. progenitor – A person who originates an artistic, political, or intellectual movement; an ancestor of an individual in a direct line of descent along which some or all of the ancestral genes could theoretically have passed;


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To me, this word suggests a certain militancy, which I’m all about.  I hate the status quo.  I despise following rules and traditions that seem to have no practical point or purpose.  I refuse to be a drone and this word seeks to make us all drones.  This word makes us not think for ourselves.

Brief diatribe complete (ha!), I also like the way this word looks.  In opposition to the way this word makes me feel, it has a mathematically balanced quality that I like.

20.  propaganda – Information, esp. of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.