5 Lovely Sounding Words (11-15)


I only speak English.  I’ve already made up my mind that I intend to remedy that unfortunate condition.  For now, as English is my only language, well…this is all I have to work with.  There are so many words that touch me, either in meaning or in the way they sound.  Check out five more of my favorites and drop a few of yours in the comments section.

My love of this word is all about sound.  I think it’s the -oosh sound it makes which is solid and definite, yet soft.  Am I making sense?  It’s sort of the sound of relief, yeah?

11.  cush – eldest son of Ham in the Bible, Genesis 10:6; upper Egypt; part of the Kingdom of Nubia.

When I hear this word, certain pictures come to mind, namely soft low blue lighting, easy waves of water with a mist hovering above, forgiveness, slowed time, utter ease.

12. ethereal – extremely delicate or refined; heavenly or celestial; (my personal favorite) pertaining to the upper regions of space.

This word just sounds pretty and smart.

13.  cerulean – deep blue; sky blue

I've reached the end of the world

Trey Ratcliff via Compfight

I like this word for its meaning and for the images it conjures in my mind.  Having this is one of the goals in my life.  I’m a woman of today in that I like my luxuries and modern conveniences, but I try as much as possible to remember that much of it is not necessary to a happy or productive life.  I try not to become attached to “things” as they can and likely will make life far more complicated than it has to be.

When I hear, say, or think of this word, I imagine a sparsely furnished room; chair, table, rug, cup, plate, painting on the wall, window.  Clean hard lines, un-fussy fabrics.  Easy.

14. simple – easy to understand, deal with, use; unaffected; unassuming; modest.

This words plays on the tongue like a kitty with a bouncing toy on the end of a string.  It sounds fun and fanciful, but I dislike the meaning.  It sort of flies in the face of #4.

15.  dalliance – a trifling away of time; dawdling.