The Milk of Female Kindness


Back in late spring I was contacted by Kasia James. She honored me with an invitation to contribute in an anthology about motherhood. Being both a mother and a writer, of course I accepted. The anthology is slated to be completed and ready to go by the beginning of the new year, if memory serves, and will be available in both paperback and ebook formats.

My children are ages 22, 20, and 12 and they make me happier than anything or anyone in this world. They are brilliant, artistic, wise, funny, and a joy to hang with. People tell me that my children are such fantastic human beings because I have been such a wonderful mother to them. I say the truth is the opposite. I am a wonderful mother because I’ve been blessed with three children who are among the most stellar human beings that I know. I’ve learned far more from them than they have ever learned from me.

Okay, enough gushing.

Kasia, our contributing editor, has just revealed the cover of our sweet little anthology and I wanted to share it with you all.