Eligibility, But Not Just Mine


Salaam good peo­ple. Have you been well? I do hope so.

This last year has been…interesting, hasn’t it? No need to name “the thing”, because first­ly, this post isn’t about that, and sec­ond­ly the thing doesn’t deserve the space. Besides we all know what it is. It’s touched us and changed us all in some way. Some ways good, and some ways bad. Yeah?

For me, it’s brought to the fore the moti­va­tion and emo­tion I felt when I first con­ceived of my novel­la “Con­ces­sions”. That was many years ago, maybe sev­en or eight, and the idea itself has gone through many iter­a­tions before com­ing to this one. When Strange Hori­zons agreed to pub­lish it, I was ecsta­t­ic and frankly, amazed. You some­times get so close to a sto­ry that the words stop mak­ing sense. Nev­er­the­less, the pub­li­ca­tion of this sto­ry seems incred­i­bly time­ly, at least it is for me. Which makes this next bit of news even more sweet. “Con­ces­sions” will appear­ing in The Best Sci­ence Fic­tions & Fan­ta­sy of the Year Vol­ume 12 edit­ed by Jonathan Stra­han.

Fiyah mag­a­zine pub­lished my short sto­ry “Talk­ing to Can­cer” in its sec­ond issue, Spilling Tea. What high hon­or to be pub­lished dur­ing Fiyah’s inau­gur­al year! “Talk­ing to Can­cer” is also a deeply per­son­al sto­ry, so I am pleased to see it has touched oth­er peo­ple in some way.

I am also very proud to share a few oth­er awards eli­gi­ble sto­ries. Over at Pod­Cas­tle we’ve had a fan­tas­tic year. I am over the moon with hap­pi­ness to see that every sin­gle one of the sto­ries from Artemis Ris­ing 3 are awards eli­gi­ble. That is…wow, I have no words. Below is a list of all of the sto­ries that we’ve pub­lished this year that are eli­gi­ble:

2017 reprints:

You have until Feb­ru­ary 15th to cast your bal­lot over at SFWA. Which means I need to go fin­ish my vot­ing soon!

Be well, my friends.